First major stop on the trip, after a delicious stay in Portland Oregon, (beers at Apex massive outdoor patio and Double Dragon Restaurant Vietnamese Sandwich) with T-bone car accident nearby as the entertainment. So glad it was not me this time!!!


Ok, Craters of the Moon, located near Arco, Idaho. Massive Lava flows 2,000- 15,000 years ago covered 1,600 square Km with Lava. There are 4 main caves that are present now that were once underground Lava rivers. We went into two of the caves and one is not really a cave anymore as much of the roof has fallen in, so it is more of a tunnel. 25+ degrees on the surface and once you descend into the caves there is major ice visible on the sides. To put the size into perspective you could park 30 greyhound buses in the caves, and it is pitch black. so no photos of inside the caves, you will have to visit yourself if you want to see.



Note the Lava in the background

Walking up a mountain of Lava or scientific name is Cinder cone


We were unlucky enough to visit on a school field trip day, but made for a cool photo


Entrance to a Cave

Cave description sign.