Funny enough a Janitor at a rest area in Northern Florida told us about Siesta Key. People constantly comment on the size of our trailer, and it is a very good ice breaker to speak to the locals. You can search online for hours, or just ask a local for the good things to see. Most people are very eager to offer their opinions etc. Plus….. people in the Camping / R.V community are much friendlier than “regular people”.  We have a free spot in Yuma, AZ if needed thanks to two nice Albertans we met in Key West.


Siesta Key was amazing!!!! It won nicest beach in the USA in 2011 for obvious reasons. The sand was so fine, and clean. You could pick up a handful of sand, and the light wind would blow all of the sand out of your hand. A must see if you are in Florida, and it is not as busy as the Atlantic Ocean Side, Siesta Key is on the Gulf of Mexico.



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