Today was filled with a little bit of everything.

First thing we noticed today: Sugar Cane, trucks, tractors, fields, factories. Turns out this part of Louisiana is the biggest Sugar Cane producing area in the United States. We are not sure on the exact process of harvesting sugar came but at various points you need to light it on fire. The smoke wafting across the fields smelled sweet and delicious.


waiting to be harvested


field after field after field after field

There was a football field size parking lot filled trucks waiting to unload at the factory.

There was a football field size parking lot filled trucks waiting to unload at the factory.

Mmmm that smoke smells good.

Mmmm that smoke smells good.

Next stop: La Jeune’s Bakery in Jeanerette, La. This place has been making the exact same French bread since 1884 (so they say). You think anyone can make French bread, right? nope, these guys do it better than anyone else we have tasted. Simple flavours, hot out of the oven, delicious. Also try the Original old fashioned Ginger Cakes.


We should have bought more!!


very basic inside, and looks very old


French bread and rice are very important in Cajun Cooking. You need something to dip in your Gumbo, Jambalaya or Etoufee.

Next stop: Konrinko Rice Mill, the oldest rice mill in the United States. Cajuns also love their rice. Boudin is packed with rice and you can pretty much put it in anything, and they do. If you have 6 people for dinner, you need 6 pieces of chicken. This is a problem if you only have 2 pieces of chicken. That’s where the big pots of Gumbo and Jambalaya come in, put in your two pieces of chicken and load it up with rice, and veggies- now you can feed 6.


Konrinko Store


This stuff was amazing.

These tiny waterways can handle some pretty serious boats and barges. We stumbled across this in New Iberia. Bridges need to be raised, or swung by an actual person. That sounds like an easy job.








We found this on our journey thru the back roads around Lafayette.



Next stop: Lake Wilson, near Lafayette. They call it a lake, but the sides are like a swamp. We saw one Gator hiding.




let go of my tail


hold still for a picture











this bird does not move for cars, you have to go around


We have seen so many wild cats on our travels, someone is feeding this guy at least.